Give Up Alcohol Safely – 3 Proven Methods

March 4, 2017

If there is an incessant desire to drink and the more you consume the more is the urge then you should definitely consider as to how to give up alcohol. It is indeed surprising that alcoholism is evidently one of the most unreported health conditions to date.

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Alcoholism or alcohol disuse disorder, as it is better known is best defined as a progressive increase in the quantity and frequency of consumption over a period of time. The craving or compulsion is invariably both physical as well as mental and can have a negative effect on health and quality of life.

It may not be easy to abstain all of a sudden, thus usually people adopt a gradual decrease in the quantity consumed following a road map to recovery. However once someone has had a few drinks it is difficult to set a limit and stop.

This makes it evident that setting a specific timeline is important if one is to succeed in quitting. The preferred option is to target a period when there would be no drinking. This could as short as a day or a week or as long as a month. Once achieved then whether to resume drinking or give up permanently is a decision that one can take with ease.

One could even limit the amount of alcohol purchased and only buying when there is an urge to drink. This is arguably the preferred option when the context is how to give up alcohol. To further elaborate easy accessibility of liquor at home or at work can have the opposite effect and one would find himself succumbing to temptation far more frequently.

To draw a comparison, an obese person surrounded by food cannot even hope to shed pounds. There would be some who would maintain a diary where a daily record is kept about the quantity, frequency and location where alcohol is consumed. Diaries can help monitor consumption and most importantly can also sensitize a person against drinking.

One of the commonest mistakes being the temptation to ‘give in’ just this once.

There is yet another school of thought which is of the opinion that if you eat well then the urge to drink comes down significantly. Studies indicate that if you have taken three or four meals in a day the probability that you will abuse liquor are low. Although one may have a drink or two he or she would definitely not indulge in a drinking binge on a full stomach. Thus if you are on the path of quitting then this is the time to begin eating really well and most importantly avoid skipping meals.

Yet another popular method is about thought association and is arguably one of the most effective options available. Invariably consumption of alcohol is associated with happy times and celebrating occasions, thus further strengthening the urge. On the contrary if one could remember the experience of feeling sick the morning after, then surely avoiding that drink is so much simpler.

Those with a scientific temper would invariably look for reasons as to why to quit drinking and the answer is simpler than one would believe. The list is endless and could range from physical hazards and financial losses through to loss of relationships and love to even unrealized aspirations.

Thus it is more than evident that when the context is finding answers, how to stop drinking alcohol on your own can have many answers and there is no one ‘right’ solution. The secret lies in the commitment to change and is best voiced by talking aloud and self – complimenting.

Self-motivation is another powerful tool which has returned some very encouraging results. Positive thoughts translate into positive actions and constant reinforcement of the ‘feel good’ factor that are now being experienced. This will invariably steer the mind towards continual abstinence and conjuring visual images of life before abstinence would be enough to keep you on track for years to come

Finally if the target is to find a solution, how to give up alcohol is one of the simplest problems to solve provided that we follow some of the options enumerated. When it comes to alcoholism there cannot be a complete solution without considering the mental perspective.

This is primarily a mind game so if you should feel helpless about the urge then in all probability you will succumb to the temptation and find a way of justifying your actions. The real time situation being that alcohol dependence is primarily psychological and there is a need to suppress and control the urge by substituting with healthier options like good food and exercise.

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