How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever

January 10, 2017

Many supposed experts keep outlining how to stop drinking alcohol with different steps, tips and tricks. But the reality is that quitting is not as simple as it sounds. It is a struggle that lasts a lifetime for most individuals. However, there are a number of steps you can take and, things you can do that will make it easier, immediate and permanent. The following tips and steps will enable you to quit forever.

· Positive Quitting Attitude: You should always remember that you are giving up an enemy and not a friend. You are normally divided in your attitude. Your positive self-wants to quit while the negative self-does not. Putting your quitting attitude right is the first step towards making it easier and permanent.

· Set A Target Quitting Date: Set an ambitious but reasonable date to finally quit drinking. Progressively lower your drinking rate if you are a heavy drinker (you may need your doctor’s help here). This will enable you to avoid any withdrawal symptoms that might likely arise.

· Get Rid Of All Reminders: Get rid of items like beer bottles, cans and so on. They are the culprits that always remind you that you need a drink. If you have guests, it is not a must that you offer them a cocktail, wine or beer. A coke, tea or lemonade could do just fine.

· Sense All Your Feelings: Do whatever you feel like doing at whatever time you feel the need. It is going to feel quite strange in the beginning but you must welcome it. You have not really felt this ‘learning curve’ aspect of your feelings in a very long time.

· Avoid Familiar Situations: Avoid all familiar drinking playmates and playgrounds. You must put your old drinking mates and venues behind you. If you reflect back well, you might even discover that such mates were only having the occasional two beers or wine compared to your own six or seven.

Just follow these steps and tips then reward yourself. Use the money usually meant for drinking to do something enjoyable for your family and yourself. In the end, you will discover that all those ‘how to stop drinking alcohol’ experts were only listing steps you already knew but were afraid to take.

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